Shaadoh Session

Shaadoh Session, pronounced (Shadow), is Egyptian and Ethiopian decent born in Jacksonville Florida and known for her subtle, delicate yet soulful tones. She was inspired by her mother who is a powerhouse vocalist Candee, who has also experienced the music industry while Shaadoh was just a little girl. The up and coming R&B singer began writing and singing as early as eight years old. It wasn’t until Shaadoh gave birth to her son on June 30, 2015 when she began to record her own music, hoping that someday it would all fall into the right hands and change her life. She wrote countless songs with different styles that expressed her emotions and fears.  

My Story

Free spirited, wild hearted and all the above I give to the world the best of me this journey proves that anything is possible. Im a developing artist singer, song writer and creator . Music is the love of my life, and is what keeps me alive. I feel I have the most passion to be a light. 




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